UFE 90 Day Challenge

Change Your Body. Change Your Life.


It's Time to Commit to YOU!


What would you say to getting into the best shape of your life in 90 days? What if you had a support system behind you to help you along the way?  That would feel pretty good right?  How about a little extra motivation with a chance to win $500 cash?

The UFE 90 Day Challenge is about challenging your body and mind and getting in the best shape of your life. This is a challenge that everyone can do, from those who are completely new to fitness and want to make a change in their lives to those who just need to get back on the band wagon after falling off for a while. We’ll provide the accountability, the platform to showcase your success and even the support. You provide the desire to succeed.

The UFE 90 Day Challenge was created with the following in mind:

  • ​To give challengers a clear, time related goal to commit to

  • ​To give challengers a platform in which to showcase their results

  • ​To introduce challengers to a community of other people that are living a fit, healthy lifestyle

  •  To give challengers a competitive outlet to help increase motivation

  •  To support challengers, if needed, with their very own accountability coach

You won’t be alone in this Challenge. All challengers will have access to our private Facebook group where they can share their journeys, support one another and receive guidance from the UFE team.

And if you're completely new to all of this and need even more support and guidance, we have personalized coaching options.



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Success Journal

Over 380 pages of inspiration, motivation and education that you can use throughout the Challenge. Document your journey along the way and keep yourself accountable.

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Finisher T-Shirt

This exclusive finisher T-shirt is a lasting reminder of your commitment and your accomplishment (beyond the amazing results).

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Action Shots

After the showcase event, our photographer will post photos that you can download and share. Want even more? You can also order professional packages.

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You'll be part of an amazing community of fellow Challengers and alumni that are always willing to support you in our private Facebook group! Plus, get access to your very own accountability coach!


Bodies Changed. Lives Changed.

Are You Ready to be the Next?

Bill Burke.jpg

Used the Challenge to motivate himself towards a total weight loss of 120 pounds!

Bill Burke


"I no longer have joint pain every day. I have been able to wean off of two of my three RA medications. My weight has significantly dropped while I have gained strength and endurance. I am confident and happy with my health now."

Bonnie McKinnon

top 3 square crop.png

Lost 52 pounds in 90 days and took home a check for $500!

Nick Harris

Brandy Thomas - Hamilton Champ 2019.jpg

"After 90 days, I'm feeling proud of the accomplishments I have made. I have taken off almost 20 pounds, I am happier, and most importantly, I feel strong! I have been able to overcome the mental roadblocks I put up in my mind and prove the doctors wrong!"

Brandy Thomas

anneliese smith.jpg

"This challenge has been AMAZING I have learned so much, my confidence has soared and I have fallen in love with gym life😍"

Anneliese Smith

Ray Schmachtel - 90 Day Winner_edited.jpg

"I look better, feel better, and sleep better. I'm more confident and have way more energy! This is more than I could have hoped for!"

Ray Schmachtel


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Unfortunately, we cannot respond to Challenge refund or transfer requests as it is our strict policy that there are no refunds or transfers of Challenge entry fees for any reason.

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