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How would you like to follow a proven road map that has worked for thousands of others who have followed it. The UFE 90 Day Challenge Official Program is your exact blueprint for getting the championship results you're looking for.  This comprehensive program ensures there is no need to look through magazines and online and wonder if a program is right for you.  There is no need to try and consolidate your own information from nutrition to training to supplementation and cardio.  

The 90 Day Program is based on the scientific principles of periodization, progression, macronutrient ratios, glycemic indexes, thermic effects of food, optimal heart rate training and more.  The principles of this program have been used for creating successful programs for thousands of people around the world and will guarantee that you see results!

Here is what you will get with the Program:
  •  Daily Workouts: Every exercise is laid out each day, including cardio and rest days
  •  Meal Plans: Meal plans for each phase of the program are mapped out.
  •  Video Guidance: Exercises are not only described in text form but are demonstrated using videos within the app.
  •  Food Substitution: You will have the ability to scan food items and substitute for foods set out in the plan and know if macros and food quality are being held consistent.
  •  Accountability: Progress picture and measurement intervals are noted during the program so you can measure progress and keep yourself accountable to your goals.
  •  Shopping Lists: No need to put together your own shopping list each week.  The Program makes it super easy by creating them for you!
  •  Motivation: Our 90 Day Success Coaches will be checking in through the app now and again to help keep you inspired and committed to your best body ever.
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